Sausage and ice cream shop?

While in the U.P. I asked for directions from the dimestore clerk (they still have a dime store in Crystal Falls!) on how to get to th St. Vincent DePaul store – the equivalent to a Goodwill store here. She told me to go down 2 blocks to the ice cream shop. Went outside looking down the street …… ice cream shop in sight. That’s cuz it really is the sausage shop. Is it just me, or is that an odd combination or what?
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The Inquisitive Skink

AMA Resolution Would Seek to Label “Ungrateful” Patients

Say what???!!!!!!!!

I’m done with child birthing, but if I had been part of this labeling process “back in the day”, I would have been labeled out of receiving available treatment. I practically was anyway. I had my first daughter Marissa at the hospital, only after a last minute decision to go there. The mid-wife hadn’t personally delivered a breech baby. I was doing fine, got to the hospital too late for them to force a c-section on me, delivered naturally (no episiotomy, drugs, etc.) and went home. However, 4 years later I had an almost impossible time finding a doctor who would take me because the OB who delivered me had me blacklisted. Ended up going with a wonderful OB in Bedford. (another story).

Anyway…….here is another link.

The Inquisitive Skink